2020 Threw Down and Moms Everywhere Took Their Earrings Off

A Tribute To The Women Who Made This Year Happen

Hey moms, remember 3 years ago in February when our biggest worry was whether or not we could stay on top of homework, or get time off for a family vacation or secure a summer day camp spot for our kids?

Remember when we didn’t have to make huge, life altering decisions every day for months on end in order to keep our family and those we care about safe? Remember when we thought 2020 was going to a great year?

Yea, I do too.

We moms have faced it all in the last 9 months. This year stripped us down, chewed us up and then took a second bite for good measure. The list of demands on us grew exponentially overnight and just kept going, one seemingly impossible thing after another.

And you know what we did? We stepped the fuck up.

We managed remote learning, kept bored kids occupied, created a new reality for our families, all while continuing to work from home or expand our SAHM duties or re-adjust because of a job loss. We arranged Zoom playdates for our kids, we became teachers, counselors and sometimes, wardens. We found new ways to do it all because we’re moms.

And while we kept all the plates spinning in an almost inexplicable way, we faced our own fears, anxieties and truths. We broke down again and again and then got back up. The collective volume of tears shed this year could fill Olympic sized pools. The amount of texts sent stating simply, “I can’t do this anymore” could fill book after book.

And what did we do then? We stepped the fuck up.

We sought therapy and/or medication. Spoke honestly about the way we were feeling and found community in the collective support. We demanded time, respect and appreciation, recognizing just how much we’ve taken on, sometimes with no outside support.

And for some of us, we learned hard truths. We have partners who don’t show up for us. Employers who value the bottom line over our mental, physical and emotional health. We don’t value ourselves, our contributions or our needs at all.

Katie Kastner | Marketing & Content

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